Interior Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis 2013

Grand New Corolla Altis body which is wider, allowing more interior space is roomy sedan approached the level above it.
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* click image above to see more detail* To improve the quality and alignment with developments in technology, PT. Toyota-Astra Motor may at any time change the specifications, standard equipment or other data in this specification.

Air Conditioner
Interior Toyota All New Corolla Altis
Auto air conditioner can automatically adjust the cabin temperature according to the temperature specified rider (type G and V).
Manual air conditioning to help cool the cabin temperature degan for the convenience of driving fast (type E).

Dual Glove Box
Interior Toyota All New Corolla Altis 2010
Grand New Corolla Altis has two glove boxes that allow the driver store more and more neat. Glove box is equipped with a lamp lighting (G & V) that will automatically turn on when the glove box is opened (lever lights and ignition in the on position).

Audio System
Interior Toyota Corolla Altis
Audio system Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis has a Digital Signal Processor which processes audio signals in order to produce high-quality sound. Features Auto Sound Levelizer automatically raise the volume when the vehicle speed above 70 km / h to compensate for noise at high speed.

2-DIN head unit featuring an AM / FM tuner and 6 CD in-dash that can play MP3, WMA and 6 speakers (Type G & V).

Head unit with single CD player is also capable of playing MP3 and WMA file format is equipped with 4 speakers (Type E).

Cruise Control (Type V)
Interior Toyota Altis
Cruise Control allows the driver to maintain a constant speed without stepping on the gas pedal such as when on the highway so the driver can rest his right leg.

Interior Lights
Toyota Corolla Altis Interior
Interior lighting lamps help motorists when reading or looking for something at night.

Panels in the Doors
Toyota Corolla Altis
Colored leather door trim with armrest-access grege woodgrain and silver-colored door handles (EM / T).
Door trim fabric colored with armrest-access grege with woodgrain and silver-colored door handles (GA / T).
Door trim fabric color grege with the armrest and door handle-access colored woodgrain door trim (VA / T)

New Paddle Shift (V A/T)
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The transfer of the transmission lever is easier because it can be done on the steering wheel with paddle shift.

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