Eksterior Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis 2013

Grand New Corolla Altis look stunning, leading in its class, emphasize your achievements as a real star.
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Back Sonar (type G & V)
Eksterior Toyota All New Corolla Altis
Sonar is placed in the middle of the rear bumper to help the driver when parked backwards.

Tires and Wheels
Eksterior Toyota All New Corolla Altis 2010
Aluminum 10-spoke rim diameter 16" wrapped with tires sized 205/55 R16 gives a classy look without sacrificing ride comfort.

Multi-Reflector Headlights
Eksterior Toyota Corolla Altis
Multireflektor headlights with halogen bulb produces a brighter light (E M /T & G A /T). Multireflektor bulb headlights with HID (High Intensity Discharge) produces a brighter light with broad coverage. Manual leveling allows the driver to set the angle of headlights from the cab when needed (V A /T).

Fog Lamp (Type G & V)
Eksterior Toyota Altis
Fog lights located in the front bumper to improve safety when driving in bad weather. For type V, fog lamps decorated with chrome ring.

High Mount Stop Lamp
Eksterior Corolla Altis
High Mount Stop Lamp LED helps warn other drivers when the driver braking.

Front Grill
Toyota Corolla Altis Eksterior
The grille and chrome-plated grille ornament confirms luxury Grand New Corolla Altis (G A/T & V A/T). Chrome-plated grille ornament grille comes with a dark gray color that makes it looks more aggressive (E M/T).

Rearview Mirror
All New Corolla Altis Eksterior
Grand New Corolla Altis is equipped with electrically retractable Spion body color with the turn signal (G A/T & V A/T). Grand New Corolla Altis is equipped with electrically Spion body color with the turn signal (E M/T).

Clearance Sonar (Type V)
Toyota Altis
Sonar is placed on all four corners of the vehicle helps the driver when maneuvering in tight spaces.

Side Moulding
Corolla Altis
Body-colored side molding with chrome accents help keep the door Grand New Corolla Altis is free of scratches (G A/T and V A/T).
Body-colored side molding helps keep the door of the All New Corolla Altis is free of scratches (E M/T).

Muffler Cutter
Toyota Corolla
Muffler Cutter support the appearance of an elegant chrome Grand New Corolla Altis.

All New Altis
LED rear combination lamps produce a bright light but not blinding other drivers.

Rear Fog Lights (Type G & V)
New Altis
Rear fog lights are available in the type V & G. His position placed substitute right back lights follow the rules of the European.

Reflector Bemper
Toyota Altis
Rear bumper is equipped with reflectors to increase the awareness of other drivers while driving at night.

Rain Sensor (Type V)
Toyota Altis Indonesia
Rain sensors automatically turn on the wipers when feeling raindrops on the windshield so the driver does not need to turn it on manually. Rain sensor has 4 levels of sensitivity can be selected in accordance with the wishes of the driver.

Harga Toyota Altis
The new wiper design in addition serves to reduce wind noise at high speeds also beautify the appearance of the wiper.

Defogger with Printed Antenna
Toyota Corolla Altis Harga
Glass behind Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis is equipped with a defogger and printed antennas.

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