Pedoman Warranty Mobil Toyota Baru

*Which one is reached first

For more details about the Warranty, please refer to the Warranty and Service Book Periodical.
TOYOTA WARRANTY TERMS AND CONDITIONS guaranteed if there is damage to the component or the work of the manufacturer.

With conditions :

  1. Disability has been informed of the TOYOTA dealer before the vehicle a distance of only 3 years or 100,000 miles as of the delivery vehicle to you, whichever is reached first. Toyota models that include a model that produced that have no order (VIN Code) starting in 2005. Special for Toyota Pick-Up and Dyna, claim to have paint and rust warranty period for 2 (two) years or 50,000 km, starting from the delivery vehicle to you, whichever is reached first.
  2. Always do regular maintenance according to the provisions in the service book at the official workshop TOYOTA.
  3. TOYOTA has ensured that there were defects in components or because the work of the manufacturer and not due to :
    • The use of such vehicles racing at high speed, overloaded and modifications.
    • Sound, vibration, noise and changes in the normal form.
    • Operation of vehicle after discovery of damage.
    • Accidental or intentional events.
    • Natural disasters such as floods, lightning, thunder, etc.
    • Corrosion in the paint caused by gravel or scratches in the paint.
    • Damaged or cracked materials made ​​of glass caused by factors outside unless caused by defects in materials and / or the work of the manufacturer.
    • Failure to carry out maintenance or repair themselves.
    • The addition of ingredients (additives) and installation of parts or accessories are not original issued by PT. TOYOTA-ASTRA MOTOR.

TOYOTA will restore or repair the damage by way of appropriate conditions by replacing the damaged components and replace with a new vehicle.


How to claim warranty?

  1. First make an agreement with an authorized dealer Toyota nearest to you.
  2. Bring your vehicle and your warranty book to Service division to evaluate your claim.

Do I have to pay the cost of care during the warranty period ?

Periodic maintenance costs not covered by the warranty of new Toyota vehicles. However, for regular maintenance 1,000 km and 5,000 km free service. Lubricants and parts used in this treatment becomes your responsibility

Part and any material that is not included in item warranty ?

  1. Items that can run out or wear out
  2. Material consumed unless due to defect from the factory, such as :

    • cleaner element (filter)
    • brake shoe
    • clutch
    • fan belt
    • liquid electrolyte
    • plug
    • removal of glass
    • fuse
    • platinum
    • bulb
    • etc

What other things are not covered by manufacturer warranty ?

  1. Costs and losses incurred as :
    • call charges
    • accommodation
    • car rental
    • tow car fee
    • loss of time
    • business risk
    • etc.
  2. Damage or corrosion on the surface of the vehicle due to the environment such as :
    • acid rain
    • Fall of something (chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.)
    • salt
    • wind storm
    • lightning
    • flood
    • other natural disasters.

What is important and may void the warranty ?

  1. Changing the odometer or exchanged so that odometer readings be doubted.
  2. Using fuels, lubricants, oil or oil (fluids) are not in accordance with the specifications recommended by Toyota, as written in the book OWNERS MANUAL.

What about the warranty for batteries, and tires ?

  1. Battery. Battery warranty period is used as original equipment TOYOTA vehicle is for 2 (two) years or 50,000 miles, whichever is reached first.
  2. Tires. Warranty for tires governed by a guarantee provided by the manufacturer.