Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis 2013

Grand New Corolla Altis body that is wider, allowing a more spacious interior space close to the same level sedan on it.
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* click the image above to see more detail* To improve the quality and alignment with developments in technology, PT. Toyota-Astra Motor may at any time change the specifications, standard equipment or other data in this specification.

Dimension Door
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota All New Corolla Altis
The size of the doors of Grand New Corolla Altis higher simplify the driver and passengers when going out into the cabin without having too down.

Head Rest
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota All New Corolla Altis 2010
There are three headrests for rear passengers.

Rear Passenger Seats
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota Corolla Altis
Rear passenger seat can be folded 60:40 and coated fabric (E M/T and G A/T).
Rear passenger seat can be folded 60:40 and coated leather (V A/T).

Smart Start & Smart Entry (Type G & V)
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota All New Altis
With Smart Start technology, the driver can start the engine by simply pressing the brake pedal while.

Steering Wheel
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota Altis
Driving becomes easier with EPS (Electric Power Steering) and tilt adjustments and telescopik in all types of Grand New Corolla Altis.

Fitur Kenyamanan Corolla Altis
Volume of luggage Grand New Corolla Altis is wide enough to accommodate four golf bags.

Sound Silencer
Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota New Altis
Cab Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis is more quiet so that motorists can better enjoy the tranquility while driving.

Rear Sunshade (Type V)
Fitur Kenyamanan New Corolla Altis
Rear sunshade is available only in the type of 1.8V to protect rear passengers from the hot sun.

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