Fitur Keselamatan & Keamanan Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis 2013

Toyota Grand New Corolla Altis 2013 Safety Features
Fitur Keselamatan (Safety) Mobil Toyota All New Corolla Altis 2010
Grand New Corolla Altis is equipped with advanced safety features in its class, protecting you and those you love while driving.
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BA (Brake Assist)
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota All New Corolla Altis
BA (Brake Assist) Increases braking power during panic braking.
Dual SRS Airbag
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota All New Corolla Altis 2010
Dual SRS airbags are available for the driver and front passenger safety to boost the chances of motorists in the event of an accident.
WIL Chair Design
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Corolla Altis
The front seat Grand New Corolla Altis in design with Whilplash Injury Lessening concept to minimize spinal injuries when a collision from behind.

GOA Body Structure
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota All New Altis
The body structure Grand New Corolla Altis has been through a crash test that includes a collision from the front, side and rear. This test was conducted to obtain design body structure capable of absorbing impact forces so as to minimize injury to the driver.

ABS (Antilock Braking System)
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Altis
ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) prevents lock brakes causing the car gets out of control.

EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)

Fitur Keselamatan Corolla Altis
EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) automatically distributes braking power between front and rear as needed.

Safety Belt

Fitur Keselamatan All New Altis
Grand New Corolla Altis is equipped with a safety belt 5 (2 front, 3 rear) 3 points as the main safety device driver.

Pedestrian Industry Reduction
Not only driver safety, pedestrian safety also received attention. Some areas of the body such as the Grand New Corolla Altis bumper and hood have a structure to absorb impact to minimize injuries to pedestrians occur when hit by.

Toyota Auto Alarm
Toyota All New Corolla Altis Fitur Keselamatan
To prevent theft of vehicles and goods in it. Grand New Toyota Corolla Altis is equipped with Auto Alarm + immobilizer (G & V).

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