Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Fortuner 2013

New Fortuner is equipped with active and passive safety systems are equipped to peace and security of your trip.

Fitur Keselamatan Toyota New Fortuner
Prevent wheel lock for easy control when braking on slippery road.

Back Sonar System
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota New Fortuner 2013
Ultrasonic sensors to detect a safe distance when parking.

Collapsible Steering Column
Steering rod is specifically designed to prevent the driver from possible injury during impact from the front.

Dual SRS Airbag
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Fortuner 2013
Protect the driver and front passenger from the collision direction.

Global Outstanding Assesment (GOA) Body
daftar harga toyota fortuner
GOA body structure effectively protect passengers from injuries caused by impact from the outside.

High Mount Stop Lamp and Rear Glass Defogger
harga terbaru toyota fortuner
Gives a clear view of the rain and foggy combined with High Mount Stop Lamp is easy to see the other driver when braking.

Integrated Toyota Auto Alarm (TAA)
Immobilizer-equipped alarm system integrates with the key to keeping the vehicle safe.

Jam Protection Window
fortuner 2013
The driver's window down automatically when blocked to prevent the possibility of pinched.

Front disc brakes with Ventilation
Ventilation on the disc will distribute heat evenly, making the performance of the brakes to be more durable.

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