Fitur Kenyamanan Toyota Fortuner 2013

Toyota New Fortuner roomy cabin that can seat seven passengers comfortably. A flexible seat makes it easy to get so comfortable in the roomy space all the way.

Asphalt Sheets
Proper placement of asphalt layer on the floor and some parts of the body panels to make the cabin New Fortuner can be free of noise and vibration that sounds harsh.

Balance Shaft
New Fortuner machine is equipped with 2 pieces of balance shafts are placed as a counterweight to the rotation and vibration of the machine is erratic, so as to reduce vibration and noise on machines.

Body Side Panel Converge
Body side panels are designed as panels that blend in addition to add strength to the body also serves to reduce noise and increase cabin comfort.

Rear Suspension
- Rear Coil Spring Suspension 4 Link + Lateral Control Rod -
Rear suspension is able to provide stability of vehicle movements to the left and right and back and forth in order to obtain better performance and comfort of a full driving.

Front Suspension
New Fortuner uses construction Independent suspension with double Whisbone, where strength is optimized through the use of the upper suspension arms are strong, and equipped with a coil spring that directly support the suspension of driving comfort in creating.

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