Interior Toyota All New Camry 2013

Interior Toyota All New Camry 2013Interior Mobil Toyota All New Camry 2010
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Interior Toyota All New Camry
Interior Camry 2012

Automatic Dual AC with Rear Blower
Interior New Camry 2010, 2011, 2012
Feel the comfort of an interior All New Camry, with different temperatures can be arranged for the driver and front passenger. Rear passengers can enjoy the ride with the availability of rear blower that delivers hot or cold air.

Audio Integrated + 6 CD Changer Indash + MP3/WMA + 6 Speaker
Interior Toyota Camry 2010
Features a complete audio with 6 CD changer with MP3/WMA + indash 6 pieces theater speakers to give effect to the interior of the All New Camry, entertaining passengers inside the interior.

Interior All New Camry

Back Pocket
Camry Interior
Both driver and passenger in the back of the All New Camry does not have to report to storing luggage with the availability of pockets on the front seat behind the All New Camry.

Center Cluster
toyota camry 2010
With shades of silver on the center cluster revive sporty and exclusive impression on the interior of the All New Camry.

Reverse Link Rearview Mirror (Type Q)
Toyota Camry Price List
When the position of the transmission lever is in position R (Reverse) mirrors All New Camry will be automatically menapilkan view of the rear wheels, with electric key requirements are in a position [L] or [R].

Optitron Combination Meter + Ilumination Control
Harga Camry
Design exclusive to the combination meter gives a luxurious look and dynamic lighting coupled with the setting on the combination meter (Illumination control) make all the indicator on the combination meter clearly visible.

Smart Start
Harga Toyota Camry 2010
Put just the smart key in your purse or pocket, with only the brake pedal and press the smart button on the machine will start.

4 Spoke Steering Wheel with leather (type V dan Q)
Kredit Toyota Camry
Ease of control found on the steering wheel which is designed four-spoke with leather with wood panels that add luxury interior Toyota All New Camry.

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