Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Rush 2013

Toyota New Rush 2013 Safety FeaturesHarga Mobil Toyota New Rush Baru
As an adventure vehicle, driver safety is supported by an active safety devices that help to anticipate the occurrence of accidents and passive safety devices to minimize the risk of fatal injury.

ABS & EBD Brake System (Type S)
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Rush
Prevent wheel lock, and helps control braking on wet or slippery roads.

Back Sonar (Type S)
Fitur Keselamatan Toyota Rush 2013
Detecting distance of objects behind the car when parked.

Child Lock Protector
Security features to protect children when in a vehicle of avoiding open the door from inside.

Collapsible Steering Column
Safety features that will reduce the possibility of steering column and steering wheel leads to a chest of the driver when the collision occurred before, this tool works by breaking the shaft intermideate shortly after the collision on the driver shaft.

Disc & Drum Brake System
For driving comfort, the brake system is supported by the brake discs at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Suitable for driving in and out of town and luggage capacity is greater.

Dual SRS Airbag (Type S A/T)
Fitur Rush
Free yourself from the various risks that may occur. Make sure you are always protected when driving, with a series of safety and security features that are available. Dual SRS airbags keep you in the event of collision from the front.

Global Outstanding Assesment (GOA) Body
Fitur Keselamatan (Safety) Toyota Rush
Global Outstanding Assessment in the framework of the car was created as a layer of protection that minimize the collision impact from the outside.

High Mount Stop Lamp - Type S With LED model
Toyota Rush
High mounted stop lamp is a standard feature of the Toyota Rush, serves to provide signals on the vehicle at the rear in case of braking.

Safe Brake Pedal Design
Construction on the brake pedal that will protect the driver's foot during a collision from the front. This tool works by breaking the rod in the construction of the brake so the brake pedal away from the driver's feet.

WIL Concept for Seats
Rush Harga
Framework for the front seats designed to prevent injury to the spine when a collision from behind.

Wireless Doorlock, Alarm & Immobilizer
Toyota Rush Brosur
An alarm system that integrates with key immobilizer equipped to keep the vehicle safe.

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