High Demand For Toyota 86

Permintaan Tinggi Toyota 86
Unexpectedly, Toyota 86 sold out, even before its launch. Of the 40 unit first arrived from Japan this month, was fully booked. Toyota-Astra Motor seeks to get more allocation to meet the demand in Indonesia.

The problem, said the President Director of TAM, Johnny Darmawan, in other countries is also high demand for Toyota 86, well beyond initial estimates. Until recently, Toyota 86 is only produced in Japan.

The high demand all over the world it is not because Toyota 86 managed to prove all its promises. With a relatively affordable price for a sports car, Toyota 86 managed to bring a sense of satisfaction when you are behind the wheel. Toyota 86 is a lightweight sports car with a boxer engine in the front with rear-wheel drive.

The launch of this model is characterized by a spectacular drifting action of the drivers of Toyota Team Indonesia (TTI). In a fairly narrow area, Toyota 86 can perform a variety of stunningly drifting action, including making a circle like a donut. Applause and admiration came from the stands.

A sense of awe is also radiated from the drivers, one of them female drifter, Alinka Hardianti (19). According to him, Toyota 86 so easily controlled, so stable and easy to drifting when conditions are still manufac standards. But for this, they use the full race car modifications, to get a performance like that.

Through its dealers, TAM will send Toyota 86 to the buyer is expected to begin in June and an additional up to 75 units can be until September. And like other Toyota models, these models have 3-year warranty. And do not worry about after sales service. All Toyota outlet, capable of doing this sports car care.