Toyota Indonesia Recommend Hybrid Technology

Toyota Prius IndonesiaPT. Toyota-Astra Motor conducted a workshop "The introduction of Toyota's Hybrid Technology" to journalists at the Bridgestone Proving Ground, Karawang. Indeed, this technology has been developed by the automotive world, even Toyota has been expanding since 1997 through Toyota Prius sedan as the first hybrid product and so far the top in marketing has sold 2.68 million units.

"Besides being more environmentally friendly, hybrid technology is also one option to overcome the lack of fuel," said Joko Trisanyoto, Marketing Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor.

He explained that, as usual, every new technology, there must be a concern in the community because there is uneven understanding of the technology. "Because of that, Toyota gave this learning. Hybrid or hybrid technology is the merger of two sources of motive power, namely the electric motor and gasoline engine."

Hybrid technology has four types of systems work. The first, the type series. Rotating the motor gasoline generator to supply power to the battery as the energy source of electric motors driving the wheels. Second, the type parallel with motor gasoline as the main drive wheels and electric motors only helps acceleration. Third, the type of series and parallel, in which hybrid technology with the addition of the "power split device" constantly adjust the ratio of gasoline or electric motor power to the wheels. Also can drive the vehicle only by an electric motor alone, and Toyota use this system in its hybrid vehicles. Finally, plug-in hybrid system with a large capacity battery can be charged with electricity "home" to expand the use of electric motors and reduce the use of motor gasoline.

Toyota Prius is now in its third generation hybrid engine type is applied parallel + series. This technology has several advantages such as more economical and low emission levels, the system performance of this type is more effective. Because, it automatically and regularly, the battery to power the motor can be recharged by the gasoline engine. Therefore, this technology brings Toyota in hybrid vehicles.