Toyota New Alphard: Experience the Majesty Delight

Toyota New Alphard: Persembahan Terbaik Pembuka Tahun 2012After going through the year 2011 which is full of twists, finally we arrived together at the opening of 2012. For Toyota, the year 2011 is full of challenges and trials, including the earthquake and tsunami in the early half of 2011 and floods in Thailand. However, together we have been able through the year 2011 with a well and posted sales of 310.674 units scintillating. Toyota grateful for all the achievements and accomplishments that have together achieved during the year 2011, as well as share their hopes in 2012 could be a better year than years past.

During the year 2011, Toyota has offered a line of superior products for customers, among others, New Hilux, New Fortuner, Grand New Kijang Innova, All New Avanza Veloz, as well as New Avanza. A series of offerings is then led Toyota won numerous awards, as well as a record which is the highest sales figures. Although the year 2011 is full of temptations, but Toyota is grateful to have got through with flying colors through a variety of precious achievement.

"Toyota is grateful, that in 2011, where many trials come off, have succeeded equally well bypassed. Toyota has achieved a record high sales figures of up to 310.674 units, up 10.7% of sales year in 2011, some 280.680 units. This is a very positive achievement given the conditions of 2011 in which we try to meet customer demand amid limited supply, "said President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor, Johnny Darmawan.

"This can be achieved thanks to the support of all parties, including customers and communities. Toyota's big hopes for the year 2012 may be a better year than previous years, and Toyota also wants to start in 2012 with a good start, "he added.

In line with the hope to initiate in 2012 with even better, it opens in 2012, Toyota presents one of the best offerings for users of Toyota, the Toyota New Alphard. New Alphard has become one of the options premium, with carriage-style luxury, to indulge its users. New Alphard comes in a figure that is more progressive (getting in front), luxurious (luxury), and powerful (power), providing an increasingly sophisticated refreshment of the figure of "the royal carriage".

In terms of exterior, Toyota New Alphard presents the evolution of the firm and luxurious exterior to menojolkan powerful side (power), and class (high-class image). Front display that looks more aggressive with the changes in the front bumper more edgy with a clear line, and front grille that gives firm and strong, fitted chrome molding on the hood, and a new look at the fog lamp. Powerful impression (in power) highlighted through design and new alloy wheel size 17'. Rear view presents a luxurious and spacious with a new design rear license garnish and reverse lamp.

Interior Toyota New Alphard emphasizes the impression of class, luxury and prestige that characterizes Toyota Alphard. Interior design and new colors for darker wood panels, placement of buttons on the shoulder sliding and reclining front seats to be part of the changes on the interior side.

Placement of Premium speakers to highlight that define luxury New Toyota Alphard. Use of Focal Premium Speaker improve the quantity and quality of the audio for the passenger cabin evenly kesuluruhan Toyota New Alphard. Focal Premium speakers are used has Beryllium inverted dome tweeter, one of high quality material that produces audio quality is more crispy and clear.

Toyota New Alphard comes back in 4 colors, Super White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Pearl Gold Crystal Metallic and Black Metallic.

Besides Toyota New Alphard, Toyota also completed the initial shock of 2012 is by presenting a program aftersales "service car wins prize", where customers are served at the official Toyota workshop between January - March 2012 are entitled to enter the lottery with prizes: 1 All New Avanza Veloz, 3 New Avanza, 40 Samsung Galaxy Tab 16GB, Apple Ipod Touch 40 4GB, and 400 Blackberry Gemini. In addition, to optimize service for customers, Toyota extended the Free prorgam Fees for new vehicles is 4 years or 50.000 miles.

"Toyota's hopes, a series of attractive offers from Toyota could be the start of opening a good year for Toyota customers, and also be an appreciation of the loyal Toyota customers," concludes Johnny Darmawan.