Toyota Aqua Proved Efficient: What's The Secret?

Rahasia Dibalik Iritnya Toyota AquaToyota Aqua propulsion system Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II) a sophisticated, small sized and lightweight. THS II using mesinbensin 1NZ-FXE with a capacity 1.496cc combustion chamber.

Toyota testing conducted in Japan, this advanced propulsion systems have traveled 35.4 miles tiapliter gasoline based on the standard test Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan JC08. While the test MLIT 10-15 test cycle reaches 40.0 km / liter.

What's the secret? Toyota's use of his experiences during 17 years to develop hybrid engines. Machines used to use Atkinson cycle with a high expansion ratio. Excellence efficiency Atkinson cycle is very high. Combined with Exhaust-Gas Recirculation is cooled further improve its efficiency.

Another technology that contribute to increased efficiency of the engine is an electric water pump driven from the battery, the design of the machine without belts (beltless), thereby reducing friction losses as well as controlling the volume of cooling water flow precision.

Hybrid transaxle consists of power control unit, power-generation motors and drives are also designed to be small and lightweight.

Gasoline engine can produce maximum power of 54 kW (74 PS) / 4800 rpm and peak torque of 111 Nm (11.3 kgf-m) / 3600-4400 rpm. While the motor can produce a maximum power of 45 kW (61 PS) with peak torque of 169 Nm (17.2 kgf-m). The combination of engine and motor power is 73 kW (100 PS).

TMC testing showed a combination of engine power and electric motor can produce a smooth acceleration from rest to 100km/jam in 10.7 seconds. While the acceleration in the middle rounds of 40km - 70km is achieved in 3.6 seconds.

Like the Prius, Aqua could also operate with EV mode or just use electric motors only.

The instrument panel is equipped mendukunga functions that are concerned about the environment as well as driving comfort. Hybrid System Indicator related information member eco-driving as well as how effective the use of Eco-Judge akselerator.Ada a member dari0 value -100 to the quality of eco-driving and driving Eco Wallet that shows how much money saved on fuel efficiency. This encourages drivers to operate vehicles more efficiently.

ABS equipped with Electronic Brake-force Distribution Performance maximize braking. EBD braking force on duty split between front and rear wheels according to conditions. Brake Assis assist members extra power during emergency braking.

Vehicle Stability Control to control the flow of engine power and use the brakes to keep the car steady when the wheels slip. Traction Control keep the wheel slip during acceleration. Hill-Start Assist Control to prevent the car back at the start on a hill.

Automatic air conditioning is standard on all variants, and equipped with electric inverter-driven compressor electric motor so that it remains operational even if the engine dies or in other words do not need to use engine power. As for seat heaters use exhaust recirculation system that removes heat from the engine directly to the cooling water, improve the performance of heating but still efficient.


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