Toyota Aqua Launched

toyota aquaThe day after Christmas, Toyota Motor Corp. Toyota launches Aqua, new hybrid models in Japan. Aqua offers a roomy interior and comfortable premises plus stylish body acceleration and agility.

Supported 17 years of experience in developing expertise and Toyota hybrid technology, the Aqua-gas engine driven electric motors compact size, lightweight and efficient are known as the Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II). Bensinya engine capacity of 1.5 liters, smaller than the Prius (1.8 liters).

This advanced propulsion systems have traveled 35.4 km per liter of gasoline based on standardized test Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan. While the test MLIT 10-15 test cycle reaches 40.0 km / liter.

Toyota designers to design the exterior in such a way that it emits the impression of a modern, powerful and stable. Everything is wrapped with a choice of ten colors including two new colors of Citrus Lime Orange Mica Metallic and White Pearl Crystal Shine.

Instrument panel emits the impression of width, combined with geometric and modern layout that reflects the ease of use. There are four color accent choices that make more bright and cheerful interior that is, Earth Brown, Fresh Green, Cool Blue, Gray and Natural.

Stored under the rear seat Nickel-Cadmium batteries, so as not to interfere with a volume capacity of 305 liters of luggage.

TMC testing showed a combination of engine power and electric motor can produce a smooth acceleration from rest to 100km/jam in 7.10 seconds. While the acceleration in the middle rounds of 40km - 70km is achieved in 3.6 seconds.

With prices starting at 1.69 million yen, Aqua gives more people the opportunity to enjoy the hybrid vehicles. Toyota will produce 12,000 units per month from the Iwate Plant, Kanto Auto Works, Ltd..

There are three grades are offered, all use the system peneggerak front wheels. Offered 1.69 million Grade L, Grade S, 1.79 million yen and the highest grade G, 1.85 million.

Aqua name is taken from the Latin meaning water. This name was chosen to exude the impression of clean, transparent as well as something that is liked by everyone. This name was also chosen to change the old image of a hybrid vehicle, into something that is liquid and is not limited to one form only. Toyota hopes that more people can get the experience of having a hybrid.


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