Achieving Million of Dreams Touring with All New Avanza & All New Avanza Veloz

All New Avanza & All New Avanza VelozToyota Avanza, one of the favorite vehicles of Indonesian society has been launched in some time ago. Toyota Avanza is also a phenomenal vehicle is received various awards and appreciation which certainly could not be separated from the role and support of the Indonesian people, especially those users loyal Toyota Avanza.

"Achieving the phenomenal success of Toyota Avanza possible with the support of all parties, especially from users loyal Toyota Avanza. We are grateful and thankful, for 7-year journey, Toyota Avanza has a special place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia. This was demonstrated not only through the achievement of sales and export figures continue to rise, but also through a variety of special appreciation from the community through a variety of awards and appreciation, "said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT. Toyota Astra Motor.

Toyota Avanza has also received a series of appreciation from the public and automotive enthusiasts, among others through the Top Brand Award 2011, the Autocar Awards 2011, SWA Brand Choice Community by 2009, the Automotive Award 2009 and 2010, the Autocar Awards 2009, Top Gear Award 2008, and others-other.

The latest generation Toyota Avanza is: All New Avanza and The All New Avanza Veloz, with the latest design is powerful, advanced, nimble, and remain functional. All New Avanza comes in five variants: 1.3 EM / T and A / T, 1.3 GM / T and A / T, and 1.5 G MT. While The All New Veloz variant is present in a 1.5 Veloz.

All New Avanza present for those who prioritize functionality and value for money, without prejudice to the dynamic and modern look, as well as performance and good quality. Meanwhile, The All New Avanza Veloz presented for those who want to be different, and really enjoy driving, so wanting a more sporty design and is supported by the features that ensure comfort and ease of driving.

Exterior All New Avanza and The All New Avanza Veloz present in a dynamic design, advanced, and modern. The designs are more robust and dynamic followed by an increase in drag coefficient that produce more efficient fuel consumption. Design a new look with an elegant radiator grille, new sporty alloy wheels 14 "(1.3 E & G) and 15" (1.5 G and Veloz), a new fog lamp garnish (Veloz) and design a more modern outer mirrors.

All New Avanza in 8 color choices include: Black Metallic, Silver Mica Metallic, Gray Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Dark Steel Mica, Light Blue Metallic, Maroon Mica, and White. While The All New Avanza Veloz comes in 4 color options: Silver Mica Metallic, Dark Steel Mica, White and Black Metallic.

Meanwhile, a new interior design and luxurious feel of an advanced, among others through the blend of two new interior colors on the dashboard, ceiling and floor of the vehicle cabin. Nuance is also strengthened with a new color on the combination meter, and the design of a new 3-spoke steering wheel with EPS and tilt steering, and steering switches (Veloz). Not only that, the new look is also followed by the addition of a multi storage, and the cabin is more spacious, both for passengers and luggage in the trunk. The impression of luxury and the latest is also obtained through the current placement of the audio system, integrated 2DIN CD w / USB, AUX 6-Speakers (Veloz), as well as 4-CD 2DIN Integrated Speakers (1.5 G) and 1-DIN CD 4 Speakers (1.3 G) at All New Avanza.

To support the driving comfort, the All New All New Avanza Avanza and Veloz is equipped with EPS, and Rear suspension Multi-Link MacPherson Struts with Spring Insulator Upper, which reduces turbulence and provides a better ride comfort and more stable. Meanwhile, on the side of the engine, the engine capacity of 1.3 L and 1.5 that carried the All New All New Avanza Avanza and Veloz offers a level of fuel consumption more efficient and environmentally friendly, as well as more responsive acceleration.

As the series launch of All New Toyota Avanza, Toyota held a touring "Achieving Million of Dreams with Avanza". An activity to provide inspiration to those users who are mostly Avanza Career Climbers (are pursuing a successful career) to achieve his goals. This inspiration provided by visiting places of business and professional who has achieved his dream of the various cities through which to share the inspiration of success, which of course touring activity also aims to provide direct experience of the various advantages and features of the completeness of the All New Toyota Avanza.

Touring "Achieving Million of Dreams with Avanza" will be held from 28 November to 10 December 2011. Starting from the city of Palembang, Sumatra and closed in Denpasar, Bali. Touring is going through and stop in 11 (eleven) cities namely: Turkey - Turkey - Jakarta - Bandung - Cirebon - Jakarta - Jogja - Solo - Malang - Surabaya - Denpasar. Visited several sites that provide inspiration ranging from the typical Palembang songket effort to artisans in Bali Shoes.

"The hope, inspiration successfully visited by the participants Touring" Achieving Millions of Dreams with Avanza "from cities around the Sumatra - Java - Bali, not only prove the completeness of the various advantages and features of the All New Toyota Avanza, but also can be a viral success the Career Climbers in Indonesia with the Toyota Avanza for "Reach One Million Dreams", said Johnny Darmawan.