Toyota Spare Parts: How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit Parts

How To Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit Parts - Increased counterfeiting of vehicle components must cause great concern among consumers. Because it should be observed before buying a spare part so as not to get a fake. Consumers should be more careful in choosing the component parts so as not to get a fake. How, by the following steps:

1. Price
Undeniably, the price becomes one of the many reasons why consumers choose a certain spare parts. But remember, when merchants offer the sloping parts for a particular vehicle brand, you need to be vigilant. For parts that may be offered is a fake. Merchants spares average false lure low prices to consumers so that they are interested in purchasing counterfeit parts. "But be careful too, because now the price difference is usually quite thin with original spare parts," he explained.

2. Packaging
Packaging or wrapper of the component parts of the original color and usually has a more clearly written than the fake spare parts. In addition, non-original spare parts too often have a faded pack.

3. Component Used
Once the packaging is opened, it will usually visible component parts in question. You can pay attention to details such as what materials are used in that component. Usually fake spare parts using a component having lower quality than the original. If the original use of materials such as steel, iron is usually a false charge, or even plastic.

4. Guarantee
Note also the warranty provided by the sellers. If the item is authentic, then the seller will provide a direct warranty from the manufacturer of the vehicle in question, such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Honda, and so on. But if the seller only guarantee a store or distributor warranty, spare parts can be sure it's fake. Also as much as possible look for shops that attach the label Genuine Part. Because then typically the seller has been granted a license by the vehicle manufacturer intended to sell the component parts.

5. Doing Service in the Official Workshop
This is the safest form of action. Because you perform periodic servicing official motor vehicle in the garage, then the auto parts products used were genuine. And if you still have problems after doing service, you go right back to the garage where you do such a service, because they usually provide a warranty.