The Cute Pixis: Special For Toyota

Toyota Pixis SpaceThis cute car has a special value for Toyota in Japan. Because the Pixis Space became the first Toyota model to be marketed in the Kei-cars segment. This segment is now growing rapidly and master the third volume of car sales in Japan.

Kei-car is defined as a small car with 660cc engine down and maximum dimensions 3398 mm x 1481 mm x 1999 mm (LxWxH). This type of car also got tax breaks and popular among young Japanese children.

Despite its size super cute - the wheelbase is only 2.5 feet - but its features as complete a car that may be much larger in size. Call it; CVT transmission that is practical and efficient, start-stop technology that saves fuel up to the turbo to boost performance. Moreover, the wheel drive system was complete, the system of front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive system. While fuel consumption is 25.5 km per liter.

Pixis Space was born from the cooperation of Toyota and Daihatsu. Production is done at the factory in Kyushu Daihatsu.

Toyota is seriously working on this segment. Kei-car accepted everywhere. Suitable for those who want a cheap car because of his tax lightly. Preferably young children who want a practical car design with cute and colorful. Top choice for commuters, as Kei-cars are suitable for Japanese conditions of dense traffic. Like this?