Advanced Audio on Toyota New Prius

Toyota New Prius Audio System
Toyota Prius family introduces a new entertainment system is a very friendly environment at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Currently 2012 Toyota Prius and the Prius + (Prius minivan) became the first model that uses a JBL audio technology GreenEdge. The audio system is mentioned only requires half the energy usually consumed before the Prius audio system, while the sound quality is doubled.

Harman audio system made ​​it effectively reduces energy requirements and heat production. Using high quality components with innovative disan GreenEdge made ​​lighter and takes less space without sacrificing volume and clarity of sound.

In developing this audio system, Toyota and JBL work intensively so that users can enjoy quality sound Prius SPL (Sound Pressure Level) with higher electricity consumption is much lower - which ends the need for fuel can also be reduced and extended the cruising range when operating with electric motors only. JBL said in a release, GreenEdge engineering technologies in an integrated manner to ensure all speakers, amplifiers, equalization, and even other components work in harmony as a cohesive and efficient system.

Important technology applied by Toyota through GreenEdge;

1. The latest high voltage amplifiers, more efficient energy supply that produces a larger output, but less energy consumption and heat production. Compared to the audio device used by previous Prius, the heat production is much smaller so no longer need to use a cooling fan.
2. New, more efficient speakers. Redesign speakers to optimum even with lower power consumption, the production of maximum acoustic and light weight. At maximum volume, the system uses half the energy of the commonly used audio standard Prius. And also 66% lighter weight. Another plus, four woofers can bekera together as a distributor of the architecture to balance the Performance subwoofer bass.
3. The system uses eight speakers. In the Prius V for example, needs only 120 watts of electricity. But with this new technology, the resulting output is equivalent to 600watt audio.
4. Sophisticated signal-processing device that continuously monitors the performance of each speaker to supply megoptimalkan signal amplifier to each speaker. Combined with a specially designed speaker and active equalization, the technology is able to create a more refined sound, and more dynamic.

The audio system was first used in the Lexus LF-A supercar. After the families used in the Prius, this system will also be applied in the latest other Toyota models.