Toyota Has Die Plant in Indonesia

Mobil Murah Toyota untuk NegaraToyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) had a plant die (mold maker factory car body plate) the best and the only one in Indonesia. Operated the nation's best sons and exported to ten countries.

It took a long time and hard work to achieve a level as now. It is all based on Toyota's strong commitment to localize its products. One effort is to produce their own parts of the vehicle body.

To produce the necessary body parts molds for pressing metal plate to be a body panel. This addition is necessary to print a hydraulic pressing machine high strength, are also printed. Molds are made of cast iron is to be really precise to produce precision metal plate as well.

Mold that is used constantly will wear out and no more precision. If this happens, the mold must be repaired or replaced. First, at the beginning of its operations in Indonesia, Toyota Indonesia only perform mold maintenance course, which began in 1978. Die imported from Toyota factories in other countries. Indonesia only has Toyota technicians are used to treat die. "Two years later, 1980, Toyota Indonesia has done die manufacturing or producing its own mold," said Ratna Kurniasari, External Affairs Division of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

Currently, Toyota Indonesia die plant has to import its products - a die for the components under the roof and body - to the ten countries namely, South Africa, Turkey, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia and Japan. The export volume TMMIN die on average per year reached 120,000 units.

Volume of that size can be achieved thanks to the quality of human resources excellence. In TMMIN, all employees who are in the division Dies and Jigs Design and Fabrication (DJDF) has had an international die finishing certification. Die finishing it is the skill / knowledge base of the die fabrication technology.