Toyota Product Earn 3 Top Brand Award

Produk Toyota Kembali Raih 3 Top Brand AwardToyota won the award again in the field of marketing at the beginning of 2012. Toyota's three product brands namely: Yaris, Kijang Innova and Avanza, won the title of Top Brand, an award that is given by Frontier Consulting Group in collaboration with the Marketing magazine brands that meet two criteria in the assessment set.

Top Brand survey is divided into two types of surveys. The first is to target survey respondents general population, and the second is a B2B survey and the survey contractor. Top Brand survey involving 2.400 respondents general random sample, and 1.200 booster sample. The survey was conducted in six cities: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan and Makassar. While B2B survey involving 450 companies located in Jakarta and Surabaya, and 75 respondents kotraktor.

General criteria of the respondents are male or female between the ages of 15-65 years. With the SES or the average household expenditure per month between SES E (spending an average of more than Rp 750.000 per month) until SES A (spending an average of more than Rp 3.5 million per month). Booster sample of respondents criterion is derived from the SES level A, the sample was added to increase the incident rate of premium products.

Top Brand general survey sample is taken by using multistage random sampling method to sample random. While the booster sample taken using a purposive sampling method. Surveys conducted by the method of face to face personal interview. B2B surveys conducted using stratified random sampling method, using the bussines line as strata. B2B respondents in the interviews is the purchasing, the GA (General Affairs) or the IT (information technology), which determines the purchase of goods / products in each company.

Toyota's three products achieved the highest score in a survey organized by Frontier Marketing Magazine along with the pattern of top of mind awareness (the first brand den called by the response when the product categories mentioned), last used (the brand that was last used in the first respondent re-purchase cycle), and future intention (brands that want to consume in the future) and meet the assessment criteria set 2, ie as the brands that get a minimum of Top brand Index by 10% and brands that according to survey results are in position in the top three product categories.

"We're grateful, Awards Top Brand Award 2012, Toyota achieved this has provided an overview of products and services that Toyota suda hteruji and get the highest position of trust in the eyes of consumers. The award is encouraging and will be driving our ongoing work to improve customer satisfaction and convenience to customers, "said President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), Johnny Darmawan.

For Toyota Kijang Innova, Top Brand award this time further strengthening its position as one of the ideal family vehicle Indonesia. Vehicle category Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is continuous for 11 consecutive years won the highest index Top Brand Award since 2002 for dikategorinya vehicle and managed to get an additional award Top Brand Platinum Award, as a consistent vehicle for a minimum of 8 years in a row Top-brand also awarded as the best brand.

Similarly, the best-selling car in Indonesia today, the Avanza. Mini MPV vehicles are still the largest contributor of Toyota sales in Indonesia also has a track record is not much different from the Toyota Kijang. Toyota Avanza has also managed to strengthen its position for 5 consecutive years since 2008.

In 2011, Toyota Avanza has also been chosen as the brand would be eligible for the Best in Achieving Total Customer Satisfaction survey conducted by SWA magazine marketing consultant with Mars.

As for the Toyota Yaris, the inclusion of this compact sedan in the ranks of Top Brand Award 2012 has also given its own record for this compact sedan. In a row since 2010, Toyota Yaris awarded Top Brand for 3 consecutive years. Having previously earned the accolade as Car of the Year in the event the Indonesian Car of the Year 2009 selection of magazine Motor Cars, Yaris is also the main choice of the communities in Brand Choice Award by Community 2009 and became the SWA Magazine Favorite Car in Auto Bild Award 2010 event.

Various rows of the award is increasingly convinced that the position of the eyes of consumers increasingly Toyota Yaris skyrocketed. No wonder the Yaris sales increased from year to year. Throughout the last in January 2012, TAM had posted sales of the Yaris as much as 1.196.