Anti-drunk System

system pendeteksi pengemudiSome time ago the public got a bitter lesson in how dangerous driving conditions of the affected drugs. Whoever the driver, using sophisticated car and as good as any, if affected by drugs or alcohol, bitter events that could happen again.

In many countries, the authorities do a variety of prevention efforts, ranging from campaigns to strict punishment. They also involve other components of society, including the automotive industry.

As part of the members of the society, Toyota is responding to that condition by developing technologies to prevent accidents like that happen. The experts at Toyota developed a number of systems to detect early. The working principle of prevention of such systems is twofold. First, it detects the driver's awareness level through analysis of the alcohol content and pupils. Second, to prevent drivers who are not in condition to drive a car full consciousness.

One system that was introduced by using a number of sensors on the steering wheel plus a camera. The sensors work by measuring the alcohol content of driver's hands sweat. The camera function detects whether the focus of the driver's pupils into the street. When the sensors identify unusual patterns of driving, or pupils unfocused or alcohol content exceeds the limit, then the system will instruct the car to slow down and stop automatically. Thus the situation that occurred some time ago did not happen. Where the car drove at high speed which, according to police investigations reached 90km/hour.

Toyota is also developing a system that uses a breath analyzer that can analyze the driver's breath to determine alcohol content. This system also uses a camera to detect the driver's level of consciousness.

By holding the breath analyzer, the driver breathed. If its content exceeds the threshold, the system will alert drivers to immobilize a car, depending on the level of the driver's alcohol content.

What drives Toyota develops system like this?
In addition to its high rate of accidents related to alcohol and drugs, there is also a heart-wrenching event. August 2006 in Japan, a drunk driver crashed into another car carrying a family until the car was thrown out of the bridge. Three children were killed in the crash. It is encouraging authorities in Japan to provide tougher penalties on drunk drivers. The event also encourages manufacturers to equip his car with the features and systems that can ensure the safety of all people from irresponsible behavior.