Trend And SUV Market Competition

Harga Toyota Grand New FortunerModel Car Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is currently more popular. The number of brands and product variants enliven this segment indicates the share of SUV type vehicles continues to grow. There are several things that make this car model preferred by consumers. Body design that offers a high driving position to be one of the reasons for choosing sport utility vehicle automotive enthusiasts. This car will be easier to use to conquer the damaged streets.

Relatively high ground clearance makes the driver does not need to worry stumble objects at the bottom. In fact, when crossing a puddle of water, muddy field, users will be more confident using the SUV, rather than other models.

Unlike the sedan is identical as a convenient and prestigious vehicles or cars Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) as a family vehicle, the image of a tough, agile vehicle is more attached to the body of an SUV.

Passenger Capacity
Another trend that occurred in the SUV market is the addition of passenger capacity to 7 passengers (7-seaters). Completion of this answers the needs of users who crave the vehicle SUV tough, macho appearance, but also a spacious cabin that can carry a lot of people. Similar to the function of MPV.

Along with the development of technology and design in the automotive industry, the current trend of people choosing SUVs not only because of the need to travel on the roads are not smooth, but hope this car can be used for everyday driving up the street that seamlessly within the city.

Manufacturers also embracing this desire by offering models with low ground clearance for increased comfort. Bids SUV with the comfort sensation is like driving a sedan was not difficult to find on the latest models.

Call it Xtronic CVT technology embedded in the Nissan X-Trail which allows the driver of this car still feels comfortable. With a speed of 100 km/h and the RPM below 2000 figures, the SUV remained stable as comfortable sedan.

Not only exhibit toughness. Car manufacturers beautify the appearance of a car even with the double axle type of sweetener component to create the feel of luxury. Just look at the brand of Toyota Grand New Fortuner. Toyota's flagship product comes with an urban design concept SUV that was the current trend.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport comes with the concept of premium SUVs all around trying to offer all lovers of this type of vehicle needs. Eligible invited to off-road, but this car also claimed according to the tool driving in the city.

The U.S. manufacturer General Motors, Chevrolet offers Captiva AWD SUV segment to compete in a reliable in all fields. Using a 4x2, Captiva AWD comes in two petrol engine variants 2.4 and 2.0 L common rail diesel with a turbo charger.

Market Competition
In our country, the SUV segment is dominated by three big names, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. Competition in the medium SUV class between the Honda All-New CR-V, Suzuki Grand Vitara and the Nissan X-trail, somewhat bitterly.

Based on sales, according to data from Gaikindo, Honda All New CR-V still leads the medium SUV market with the highest sales volume, which is 5.164 units, while Nissan X-Trail 2.014 units, followed by Suzuki Grand Vitara 882 units.

Carrying the concept SUV, MPV and sedan as well, All New CR-V continues to record the growing demand from month to month. Utilizing DOHC i-VTEC engine, the vehicle is equipped with a silencer so that the cabin comfort is maintained.

Grand Vitara 2.4 Suzuki seeded into a weapon to catch the difference in sales with Honda and Nissan. Recognizing the intense competition in the SUV class, the Nissan is not to be outdone by the All New X-Trail. Xtronic CVT technology to pamper a mainstay Nissan SUV driver, in addition to refrigerators to store drinking water, dashboard multi-use and ergonomic chair.

For low SUV segment, Daihatsu Terios is still leading the sales volume of 5845 units, followed his elder brother Toyota Rush as much as 4758 units, and Suzuki SX4 X-over as many as 2152 units.

Meanwhile, for 4WD SUV, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Ford is still the main player of this type of vehicle. Besides them, there are still many other variants, such as the Mazda CX-7, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, or BMW X3 and VW Tiguan.

Mitsubishi pushed into by showing strength in the double axle vehicle segment with the mainstay models of Pajero, Pajero Sport include the latest variants. Recognizing the growing SUV market, PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motor (KTB) to bring the Pajero Sport in the intact condition (completely built-up/CBU) from Thailand.

This model comes in three variants namely product Pajero Exceed Sport A / T 4x4, Exceed the A / T 4x2, and the Pajero Sport GLX M / T 4x4.

Meanwhile, Ford Everest 4WD released the latest series with a combination of a 2.5 cc turbo diesel common rail. With a more stylish and not rigid, the Ford Everest 10-S became the mainstay of the brand from the United States (U.S.) to strengthen its penetration in the SUV segment.

So who is able to maintain sales? We'll see.