All New Camry 2.5V : More Driver Oriented

Toyota Camry 2.5V Lebih Driver Oriented
Essentially, a luxury car reserved for the rear passengers. It is conceivable if the owners have to drive theirself through the traffic jams. This also applies to the latest Toyota Camry 2.5 V.

Just look at the legroom that was very roomy. The addition of 5 mm width should relieve shoulder room. Increased comfort due to soft beige leather seats. AC grid behind the center console to help cool the rear cabin. However, behind the cabin features are still not complete as type 2.5 HV (Hybrid Vehicle).

Apart from spoiling the rear passengers, the driver must feel a similar sensation. Indeed, only drivers who enjoy it. But when the weekend arrives and you want to drive yourself, the pleasure is paid off.

The position of the driver's seat that fits easily obtained because the regulator of the steering wheel back and forth and regulators on both front seats electrically. Impressed sporty wheel designs. The circle was more thick and gives additional confidence. Side of the wheel are audio controls, MID display, and telephone.

Some new touches appear on the dashboard. Evident in the middle with a black background color and shiny ornaments on the sides. Wood models maintain exclusivity. Application of dual zone climate control air conditioning and navigation on the 8-inch touchscreen monitor is the latest Toyota hallmark. The audio system is quite good and entertaining.

New engine 2AR-FE 2494 cc VVT-i Dual-powered 177 hp and 233 Nm of torque. Up from the old Camry 2.4V-powered 163 hp 2362 cc and 228 Nm of torque. Distribution of power in the lower-middle rounds, was contained. It is suitable for the conditions of 'stop and go'.

In fact, 6-speed gear ratio used is more subtle than 2.4V models are replaced. Interesting, because the gear ratio is equal exactly to that of the Camry 3.5 Q old. Only the final gear is made slightly larger.

Here there was a slight shift in the orientation of the Camry. Camry became a highly entertaining sedan when driven. Dings was a little harder, but not to detract in the backseat. The positive is, the control feels more nimble. Because the agility, you also forget that the Camry was 4.8 meters long. Although the use of Electronic Power Steering (EPS) slightly reduces the flavor.