World Class Award for Toyota Dealers

Penghargaan Kelas Dunia untuk Dealer ToyotaToyota for years synonymous with environmentally friendly cars and fuel efficient. More than that, not just cars, but also the production processes and factories also uphold the principles of eco-friendly. For example, by using solar cell panels to harvest electrical energy, using water-based paints that do not pollute the environment, also designed the factory building which need little energy for lighting and air circulation.

But not limited to that, its dealers also apply the same approach. Even in Enfield, England one of the newest Toyota dealership received the highest recognition of BREAMM. BREEAM is the environmental impact assessment methods and the world's leading rating system for buildings. So far the building is 200,000 units certified BREEAM assessment and more than one million who have registered since the assessments began in 1990.

Jemca Toyota Enfield, the newly inaugurated gets excellent rating from BREEAM for best practice in terms of sustainable design, construction and operational processes.

The dealer is recognized as the best examples ranging from the design process on the drawing board, the process of construction to operation. Priority to environmental conservation demonstrated by innovative and intelligent systems such as energy conversion, carbon emissions, water usage and and recycled materials. Including also the level of noise during operation.

Targets is determined to suppress the CO2 emissions are monitored continuously through the consumption of energy. Measurements were also made to reduce noise pollution by installing equipment that can muffle the sound.

"It takes a huge investment to develop Toyota's commitment to minimize environmental impact in all areas of its business, not just produce cars that are environmentally friendly," said Simon Boxal, Director of Jemca Toyota. "We are very proud to get a BREEAM Excellent, which is the highest recognition of what we accomplished in Enfield in terms of reducing environmental impact.

Jemca Toyota Enfield became the first Toyota dealership in Great Britain who received the highest certificate of BREEAM.