Efficient Driving Tips

Tips Hemat Berkendara"Right now everything is expensive!" may so swear part of our society. For the owner of the vehicle would be increased this burden. Fuel prices continue to rise, makes a lot of vehicle owners who get around to save their vehicle maintenance expenses.

But it turns out the fuel consumption rate of a vehicle that is also determined by how much force the driver drove the vehicle.

Therefore, the following economical way to drive a little tip:

1. Avoid heat up the engine too long before driving, as long as the engine work then the fuel will still be sent, so a lot of fuel wasted.

2. Do not step on the gas pedal stomping. Stamping must be stable and gradual. Keep vehicle speed, as far as possible around 70-80 km/hour.

3. Avoid unnecessary high speed, the higher the velocity is proportional to the high engine speed so that the fuel oil must be sent even bigger.

4. Adjust gear acceleration of the vehicle speed, use low gears to run the vehicle the first time. example:

1st gear: Speed ​​0-15 km/h
2nd gear: Speed of 15-35 km/h
3rd gear: Speed ​​35-50 km/h
4th gear: Speed ​​50-70 km/h
5th gear: Speed ​​70 Tooth> km/h

5. Perform acceleration / emphasis on the gas pedal slowly (gradually), do not suddenly as it can result in the addition of excess fuel.

6. Turn off the engine when the vehicle stops in a long time (parking).

7. Turn on air conditioning (AC) with the temperature not too low. this will make the compressor work not too long (or off if necessary).

8. Do not put your left foot on the clutch pedal while driving or driving with a half-coupling. This will result in engine power is not fully channeled to drive the vehicle.

9. Use the appropriate fuel octane rating recommended by the manufacturer. Octane fuel will determine the complete combustion, thus greatly affect the power generated by the machine.

10. Avoid streets jam-prone.