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Most Good Fuel Saver

Penghemat BBM Paling BagusEveryone wants to drive efficiently, especially with fuel prices will rise. Many people are even willing to reach into his pocket deep to buy the equipment which can cost up to millions. But it turns out you can also save fuel for free. Capital is self-mastery, aka Eco Driving.

Eco-driving behavior / driving economical and fuel-efficient should be a guideline and reference to all of us, because of its impact:

1. Save the cost of vehicle maintenance
2. Fuel-efficient
3. More environmentally sound
4. Convenient for passengers
5. Reduce driver stress

The main provisions are driving economic / eco-driving are as follows:

* Move the transmission to a Higher Position As soon as may be (not to lose momentum).
Shift the transmission is done as quickly as possible when the rpm between 2800-3500 rpm.
* As much as might Preserve in Round Economical speed (3000 rpm).
Most of the engine power is only used for acceleration or high speed, when the driver tried to maintain the rotation speed and economical, the energy is wasted and wasteful of fuel can be reduced.
Usually an economical engine rpm is between 2500-3500 rpm.
* Avoid braking and acceleration is not necessary.
Braking is an unnecessary waste of energy, avoid extreme acceleration, unless the state was forced, anticipating traffic conditions and do not follow other cars too closely can save fuel 5-10%.
* Slow with Smooth.
When slowing or stopping the vehicle, do so gently and gears slowdown remains in a state into the highest position. Do not lower the gear to lower gear quickly, except in urgent circumstances that require engine-break.

Anticipate Traffic Flow

Anticipation includes:

1. Vehicle traffic in front of us.
2. Traffic in the opposite direction.
3. Traffic at intersections.
4. Precede and backward

To that end, the driver must:

1. Looking ahead as far as possible.
2. Concentration.
3. Brake carefully.
4. Be careful with the vehicle in front.
5. Keep your distance.
6. Tried his best to maintain the economic pace.
7. Adapt to changing circumstances.
8. Knowing the route, and
9. Noting the possibility of damage to roads and other driver errors.

Driving in the Grade and Slope

On the way up the necessary engine power greater than the flat road.
Depending on the slope angle to be taken, try the following:

1. Adjust the engine speed.
2. Proper transfer techniques and careful transmission.
3. Take advantage of the speed of the vehicle to take the next hill.

Turn off the engine when the Enable

Turn off the engine stops short time; on the railroad tracks, traffic lights or waiting for something that cessation is estimated at more than 60 seconds. Make sure the engine off when in idle rpm when the engine again do not press the gas pedal.

Driving with many turns

Reduce speed when approaching the bend until it reaches the appropriate speed, if necessary, speed reduction is done by the engine power or braking, and not as far as possible without lowering the transmission in a lower position.

When frequent braking and acceleration and high rpm, not only increases fuel consumption and brake wear, also lead to conditions unfavorable to the driver.


Load is a factor that affects the use of primary fuel. The addition of 100 kg load on the vehicle size (1500 kg) will increase fuel consumption by around 6-7%. Reduce unnecessary additional burden on the vehicle.


Other factors that affect fuel consumption is aerodynamics.
The faster the vehicle speed the greater the air resistance caused, for example at a speed of 120 km / h can be increased at least 20% of fuel consumption.

Tire pressure

Checking tire pressure is important so that the tire can be reduced frictional resistance.
Pressure that is not appropriate for example, less 25% of the specification can increase the frictional resistance to 10% and 2% waste fuels. Tire pressure is too low also have unfavorable effect on braking distance. To ensure the tire pressure, check at least once a month.

Periodic servicing

Periodic servicing is a very important factor to save fuel, clean the air filter as well as perform other routine servicing work items to the right and ending with the emissions test will be able to help you to save fuel, and therefore do regular servicing of your vehicle in the garage you trust.

Vehicle parts that make extravagant

AC; use the AC when needed and turn off air conditioning with an estimated 5 minutes before reaching the destination. Use air conditioning with accurate, because the AC is the additional burden of the machine.

Air Filter: Try to keep the air filter is clean (cleaned every 2000 km). Replace the air filter when it is dirty (max 10,000 km at all), dirty air filter makes wasteful fuel 3%.

Oil: Use the oil according to the manufacturer's standard 5w30 or more watery, full oil synhtetic better. Which dilute the oil more volatile / reduced but it can save fuel to 3%.

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