Fuel Consumption More Efficient in Treating Three Components

Various trigger rising prices of fuel oil (BBM) indeed should we respond by making improvement in many ways. The following article focuses on the components of care that affect fuel consumption. That is, with more attention to the condition of 3 important components for combustion systems: spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter.

These three components must be in top condition. Spark plugs should be able to sprinkle a good spark. While the air filter and fuel filter should be cleaned frequently. Moreover, if the summer is increasingly accelerate the air filter dirty because of dust that is inhaled. Impurities are also easily attaches to the fuel filter because the filter is there to prevent impurities in the fuel mix in order not to get into the combustion chamber.

If they were not working properly or in dirty conditions, there was a condition known as incomplete combustion. Fuel into the combustion chamber is not completely burned out. So that, if calculated, the engine power output is not balanced with the fuel coming out.

That is why the condition of the spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter is not okay in the end lead to wasteful consumption of fuel. Not only that, unburnt fuel was going to go wasted with flue gas. When a car with this engine condition tested emissions, dump gas must be very bad. Could be, its emissions exceed a predetermined threshold and ultimately bad for our air quality.

The easiest way to keep these components is to always perform periodic servicing. Mechanic will check and clean or replace the last three components are already to be replaced. Examination should also be done when symptoms appear faltering engine. Indicates a clogged engine fuel supply to the combustion chamber is well most likely triggered by a dirty fuel filter. Perhaps also because one of the spark plug is damaged/dead.