The Relationship between RPM and Fuel Consumption

Hubungan antara RPM dan Konsumsi BBMMany have suggested that shifting to a higher position performed at maximum torque (maximum moment). The effect is to fuel consumption. This opinion is absolutely right. Therefore, the following tips may be one of us who want to enter for efficient use of vehicles. Shift gear (transmission) that it will make the proper fuel consumption more efficient.

Easy to do so. First, consider the technical data of your car. See the information on Maximum Torque. The manual contains a description of this data. Usually, written with units of feet/lbs, feet-pounds, or Newtonmeter (Nm). Each machine has a different maximum torque. Typically, the rate of torque (moment) is always associated with the engine rotation rate (rpm).

Example, technical data on the book written manual maximum torque: 200Nm/3750rpm. This means, the highest moment of 200Nm occurs when the engine spins as much as 3750 per minute.

In this example, means that we should do when the gear shift range of numbers indicates 3750 rpm. Rpm figures can be seen in the tachometer, which is located on the dashboard of a car.

Digit rpm on the tachometer is also important when we consider not only the gear change to a higher position. To streamline the fuel consumption, while speeding down the road maintains the engine speed in the range of the maximum torque. Because, that's when fuel supply is in accordance with the output of the engines and power needed to drive the car.