Four Points To More Efficient Fuel Consumption

How lucky car owner whose car was equipped with the Multi Information Display (MID). Any information that can be seen is the fuel consumption. The question is, how does that figure if the monitor is pretty wasteful fuel consumption?

To answer this, regardless of the MID has been applied or not, we can talk about the driving style. Because the least wasteful fuel consumption is actually related to the playing habits of the driver gas, to monitor rpm, drive cars, as well as how heavy the load to be transported the machine itself. Here are the driving force to our attention:

1. Do not step on the gas pedal stomping. Stamping should be stable and gradual.
If you step on the gas pedal abruptly, auto fuel to be sucked into the combustion chamber is also growing. Meanwhile, at that engine speed is low. As a result, not all the fuel that goes into the engine room fire. This is called waste. Because, no fuel coming out in the form of power, but go wasted through the exhaust.

2. Move the gear according to vehicle RPM.
The transfer gears when the car is in need of torque (thrust) is large, should be done by taking into account information about the maximum moment (maximum torque) of each car (usually in units of kgm / rpm). Meanwhile, if the vehicle is moving (in which the thrust is not required), the most efficient when driving with RPM between 2500-3500 and with the highest gear.

One habit that is often overlooked driver is: do not adjust immediately after lowering the speed of the gears (deceleration). After running hard and then brake suddenly, you should also pass the gears to a lower position.

3. Measure the HC and CO levels.
Whether or not wasteful fuel consumption is also determined by the components of the machine. Machine components which have a lot of wear / damage could cause incomplete combustion of fuel. To find out, check the exhaust emissions. If the results show the value of HC (hydrocarbon) and CO (carbon monoxide) is too high, this is a sign of combustion in the engine is not perfect (a lot of wasted fuel).

4. Note the load and drive components.
Another factor that determines the fuel consumption is a load and driving (driving a vehicle). Increasingly heavy burden that must be transported, its consumption will also increase. The meaning of these movers, couplings, bearings (wheel), coupling (propeller shaft), axles, and wheels. When the components are worn or damaged, would cause the loss of power generated by the engine to drive the car drove away. Meanwhile, fuel consumption remains large. Associated with the wheels, tires and wheels of the embedding, as well as factors affecting fuel consumption.