Toyota Future Safety Technology

Teknologi Safety Masa Depan ToyotaWhat to do if suddenly there was a pedestrian who was directly in front of your car while speeding? The first response, braking hard. If not enough, your car swerved. That's the natural response is emulated by most recent Toyota PCS. Of course with pace and precision levels better.

Toyota has just announced the technology improvements Pre-Crash Safety (PCS). PCS is a smart system capable of knowing whether the car will hit or not.

If the car is going to predict a crash, the car will be prepared to reduce the injury rate experienced by passengers. For example by performing an emergency braking, close the window, straightened the back and tighten the seat belt. This system uses radar systems and electromagnetic waves to detect objects in front of the car.

Although PCS is sophisticated, yet continue to be refined, in Japan there are other factors that must be considered. As a state with many elderly people, accidents involving them is quite high. Statistical data indicates more than half of deaths from traffic accidents are the elderly over 65 years. Pedestrians experienced more fatal crashes than car drivers. From there, Toyota is conducting research and development to continuously improving its safety systems. The focus is seniors, who are no longer agile physical movements.

To do is add the ability to drive the car away from the PCS collision. So this system will intervene in the steering and directing pedestrians away from the car if the car can not be stopped in time.

Toyota engineers use cameras and millimeter-wave radar that is set to operate at short distances. Microprocessors in the car was able to determine not only how hard should the brakes but also changes the steering direction is necessary to avoid accidents and then make corrections.

In front of a number of media in Suscono, deka Mount Fuji, Japan, Toyota is doing a demo of this technology. The system is supported by many sensors that can monitor the traffic situation at that time including vehicle barrier and flow in the opposite direction, to determine the risk of collision.

Toyota also perfected the Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB). If the previous ADB will replace the high beam close to the lamp if it detects the light beam headlights or brake lights from cars in the opposite direction. Now beam remains active, only a portion of the light beam is not obstructed so painful the driver's eyes from opposite directions and at the same time maintain visibility far enough. This intelligent system will be standard features in the future.

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