Legend of the Land Cruiser: The Story of 60 Years

Harga Toyota New Land Cruiser Toyota Land Cruiser tread the age of 60 years. It is hard to find other models in the world could survive that long.

History of the Land Cruiser can be drawn when Toyota launched the Toyota BJ 1951. The model is prepared for military purposes. Six months later, Toyota BJ shocking Japan for being the first car able to reach the sixth station of Mount Fuji at an altitude of 2,500 m above sea level. Achieving that makes the Japanese police lured and used Toyota BJ as part of its fleet. Since then, success for the success it the name of the Land Cruiser.

In 1954 Toyota gave birth to a new model, Type 25 BJ is then given a generic name, the Land Cruiser continues to be used up to this day.

When Toyota began developing the program ekspordi decade of the 50's to 60's, there are many markets in developed countries are served by well-known brands made ​​in Europe and the United States. This prompted Toyota to focus on developing countries in the Middle East, Far East, Southeast Asia to South America, where the Land Cruiser had to face the difficult fields as well as to build his legend.

At times this Toyota Land Cruiser also go to Indonesia and used military agencies, including the bodyguard of President Sukarno Cakrabirawa troops. Known as the FJ40, Land Cruiser continues to persist until the decade of the 80s. Diverse users, not just from the military, but also in industry perkebungan, bureaucrats in remote areas, to use the off-roader. Until today in some areas FJ40 is still found and still continue to operate, which showed reliable toughness.

Mid 60's, Toyota Land Cruiser Station Wagon give birth first and then evolved to the current series (V8 engine). The birth of the embryo is a response to Toyota's SUV to the demands of a more sophisticated 4WD vehicles in the United States.

Price of New Land CruiserIn 1985, Toyota saw a potential market that mengingingkan vehicles with maneuverability and power of true off-road as well as comforts such as station wagons. Thus was born the Light Duty Series that combines the two powers.

Land Cruiser in circulation are now using a V8 engine and was first introduced in 2008. A total of more than 6 million units sold in over 180 countries around the world. To commemorate this anniversary, in addition to launching a special edition Land Cruiser 60 years, Toyota also released a video of the trip 60 years Toyota SUV and show why it became legend.