Toyota New Vios : Stay Fresh Without Great Cost

Price of Toyota All New ViosUnnoticed, the mileage of our long-term test car, Toyota Vios, has reached 10,000 km. But whether the large cost-consuming treatment cost? We prove here.

After traveling up to 10,000 km with a variety of road conditions, load and weather, now is the time Toyota Vios perform periodic servicing. This fits Toyota's recommendation to conduct periodic servicing the vehicle owner when it reaches first 1,000 km and 10,000 km each and multiples thereof.

But why is a new regular service done every 10,000 km? Thanks to advances in technology and improvement of material quality machines and other devices, so it can get longer service intervals. And ultimately more ease and relieve the owner in the treatment of his car.

For regular maintenance, we bring this car to a Toyota official workshop. This is the high cost of maintenance Toyota Vios.

Services 1,000 km
Appropriate guidance on periodic servicing book, there are 16 items that are checked. Such as inspection engine oil, V-belt, engine cooling system and battery.

Similarly, the chassis and body which includes a brake system, power steering, transmission, suspension, all the lights, horn and wipers. Not to forget the levels of exhaust emissions inspection. But at the first regular service, the owner is not burdened with any cost. Especially after the car service is also washed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Service 10,000 km
At the second service, we take advantage of Express Maintenance facility that can save you time. With the same amount of work with the regular service, with Express Maintenance work can be finished only 1 hour. Most of these facilities can be done two days before the services performed and without the need to queue.

Just as the first service, 10,000 km service intervals are also working on 16 items. What distinguishes the second service is the engine oil as sarin-gannya replaced at a cost of Rp 205,000 and Rp 51,000. Similarly, charter plug gaskets for Rp 1,500.

In addition to inspection, brake systems, spark plugs and air filter also be cleaned. Positions are also rotated the tires and balancing done. Our test car requires the addition of tin when balancing and cost Rp 67,600. When the total, it cost only $ 325,100 is included VAT. While the cost of services services are still free.

After the service, the test car was also examined levels of dump gas emissions. Emission test results on the periodic servicing of this Vios figures show 0.07% for carbon monoxide (CO), 14.2% for carbon dioxide (CO2) and 113 ppm for hydrocarbons (HC). While the Air Fuel Ratio (APR) reached 15,3:1. The figure was far below the levels of CO emissions regulations which means that the maximum of 4.5% and a maximum of 1200 ppm HC.

Same as the previous service, although not included in Express Maintenance facility, the car remains both exterior and interior cleaned.

Well, in addition to its thrifty fuel consumption, the cost of periodic servicing Vios also so affordable. Thus making the operating costs of up to 10,000 miles Vios this to be so frugal.