Save Money With Automatic Transmission

Transmisi OtomatisCars with automatic transmissions have become increasingly attractive, especially in cities with traffic jams. Conditions that can be understood because the driver no longer operates the clutch and transmission tired when the halting pace car because of traffic.
Even so, the transmission is also complain about. Among other wasteful of fuel and brake linings.

Driving Techniques That Save Fuel
Why so? In fact, the automatic transmission cars wasteful because "torque converter" still spinning when the car stops. That is, the engine needs more fuel than when using a manual transmission. This factor also causes the automatic transmission vehicles cause symptoms of "creep" when stopped in gear stick position in the "D" and the brake pedal is not pressed.
Many users of vehicles with automatic transmission only always use the "D" is not never use overdrive or "OD". And by utilizing the "OD", fuel consumption can be diirit.

Brake Lining
Based on the records of the workshop: a car with automatic transmission every 20,000 miles had to replace the brake. While a car with manual transmission 50,000 km.

This is due, the driver simply use the "D" and never use teeth "D2" or "L". Especially when driving on the derivatives. Consequently, the use of "engine braking" is very rarely or never at all. To slow or stop the car, just relying on the brakes.

Automatic does not mean freeing the driver does not need to change gear and stepped on the clutch. In certain circumstances, for example to accelerate (OD "OFF"), when driving on the freeway (OD "ON"), stopped at a red light, "N", derivative "D2" or "L".