Toyota Avanza E M/T : Choosing a First Car

Harga Avanza ELooking for first car how to find a mate. You must know the background. In the car last criterion can be described as a brand, the price is up to the network after sales service. So what the details of these criteria?

For your first car, choose a car that has a price that suits your pocket, for the entry level, we recommend the 4x2 low as Toyota Avanza is the right choice. Why? Toyota Avanza 1.3 E is quite affordable with features that are fairly complete. In addition to 1.3 VVT-i engine that stubborn, stylish design and a large cabin space, Avanza 1.3 E is also equipped with power windows, power door locks and air conditioner.

It would be better if the car brand you choose has a network of financial institutions, it is very easy for you to get credit financing institutions, such as Toyota with Toyota Astra Finance (TAFS) and Astra Credit Company (ACC).

When buying a car, of course we should also think about the maintenance costs of the car. Avanza also be the most suitable car for your first car, the Toyota Through regular service every multiple of 10.000 km and also free of charge service fees of up to 50,000 km, of course the cost of care is very affordable.

What about fuel consumption? Despite its considerable dimensions, with a 1.3 VVT-i engine Avanza has a very economical fuel consumption, matched with first-entry pockets buyer.

Sales service becomes very important thing, where you as someone who just has a car needs to learn a lot and do not want to bother. Let us look again at Toyota, with a clear periodic servicing program every multiple of 10,000 km makes Toyota owners, especially first-time car users peace of its own. How could I not, with the ease and low cost services that consumers no longer make a fuss. Especially with the service workshops spread across Indonesia, you need not worry if it will perform the service outside the city.

Along with economic development, perhaps you will sell the first car back in the future instead?
Look for cars with big brand names, this will certainly boost the selling price of the car. In addition to quality is guaranteed of course because many devotees. Toyota Avanza and it has a selling price is truly miraculous, Toyota Avanza 2006 sale price in the market is now more expensive a few million of the purchase price. Buying a Toyota Avanza to be an investment of your money.

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